Key Features

We have included some of the key features in Instant Check In


Work Smart

Instant Check-in is an online employee management system with powerful features and settings that make employee management extremely easy. Its simplicity and scalability lets companies, of all sizes, have a peace of mind to know that all their employees' are being managed efficiently.

Save Time

Instant Check-in is the right employee management system that can transform your employees' information storage and retrieval from an inefficient and time-consuming drain into an efficient platform that improves business processes and provides an effective boost to the organization.

Great Product

If you’re spending more time managing your employees' than actually getting work done, it's time to consider the transition to an online employee management system. Instant Check-in not only streamlines efficiency but also reduces costs, protects data and helps ensure regulatory compliance.

Role Based Dashboard

Intant Check-in provides role based dashboards, delivering the right information at the right time while focusing on the intersection of user's functional previliges and their level in the organization.

Employee Tracking

With Instant Check-in, employers can get complete information about the time employees actually spend in office during work hours, getting an indication of poor attendance and overtimes.

Email Notifications

With Instant Check-in, both employers and employees get instant email notifications enabling them to know in real-time what it is intended for and be able to act immediately as per need.

Time-Off Operations

Instant Check-in being accessible via internet at all times and from any location, enables employees to submit leave requests with ease and gives employers the power to view, accept and reject them.

Punch Requests

Instant Check-in gives employees the ability to punch requests in case of missed checkin or checkout for any day which employers can approve or reject based on organization's policies.

Weekly Reports

A weekly report of employees' complete history including office reporting time and location from where they checked in is generated, reducing the time spent managing employees' attendance.

Leave Management

Instant Check-in provides the ability to set leave types, leave quotas, leave policies and company holidays i.e. which days are weekly off, that can be assigned at employee level.

Include/Exclude Holidays

Instant Check-in gives employers a flexibility to set whether the intervening weekly offs and/or the company holidays need to be included or not in leave quota at employee level.

Flexible Pricing

Instant Check-in offers plans with flexible pricing. Though not specific but these plans are for companies ranging from manufacturing, insurance, retail, finance, IT, accounting and health care domains.